The Objectives the associations as stipulated in the legislation shall be:

  1. To promote college level education and training in various fields of studies in the private;
  2. To regularize the cooperative arrangements between and among the member private institutions;
  3. To promote inter-institutional cooperation among the member institutions. Initially but not ultimately restricted to education and training in various fields of studies;
  4. To establish and promote cooperative arrangements between the member private colleges and foundations, institutions and other organizations interested in higher education;
  5. Create common forum where private higher learning institutions would discuss matters of common concerns;
  6. To voice the curriculum problems to the government as well as to the public when encountered by private institutions;
  7. To initiate, assist, and coordinate educational researches and studies both at national and international levels;
  8. To establish and manage facility centers for the production of teaching materials for common use of member institutions;
  9. Avoid, as far as possible, unjust competition that may marginalize member institutions;
  10. To participate information of educational polices;

To ensure the establishment and continuous growth and development of quality and high standard education.